Teenage soul.

Every day we have opportunities thrown at us. We are teenagers, we are expected to screw up sometimes. Actually, society perceives us as delinquents from the age thirteen until the day we pay our own bills. Why not have a little fun?

How can drawing a black line on my eyelid make me feel better about myself? Somehow it does but that will never be explained. It must be a teen thing. Our teen years are meant to be a time when we make mistakes over and over again. We have the rest of our lives to be mature but right now we are responsible for no one. This is the time to make stupid choices and have fun.

When you google the word “teen” under images all that pops up is teen pregnancies, drugs, alcohol, and half-naked selfies. Being a teenager is so much more than that, yet that’s all people focus on. I am a teenager who isn’t a mom, I have never drank or done drugs and the only time I take a selfie is to snapchat my friends. We are not bad people, we are just misunderstood.

Being a teenager is all about expressing and finding ourselves. We have to get it all out before we become adults because if not, we won’t know who we are supposed to be.

No one realizes how much pressure we are under. Picking the right college, getting good grades, fitting in, learning to be an adult when we still want to be kids. The list really goes on forever. We still dream of traveling the world and owning a big house because well, we can. We are constantly dreaming of our future. Of what could be, yet none of us want to do anything but party. And it doesn’t matter because we have a teenage soul. We will figure out how to be an adult when we get there but as for now, we can’t be controlled because we belong to freedom.


Are we meant to be average or are we destined to be something greater? Is there more to life than our daily routines of waking up, eating, working and sleeping, then repeating it all the very next day? Life cannot be that simple. Where is the passion, The truth, The freedom? Where is the magic? We are told our entire lives that one day we will achieve greatness, but we are never told what that greatness is. We strive for excellence in everything we do but what does that mean? What is this excellence everyone is talking about? What does it mean to reach perfection and are we ever truly perfect? There are so many more things life has to offer than we realize but we choose to ignore them because we simply cannot handle the truth. What is the truth? What are we meant to be?